Meet the team

A group of magneteers that appreciate both how dangerous high powered magnets can be, as well as their unique utility. No board members may manufacture, sell, or import loose-as-received high powered magnets with a flux index over 50 KG²mm²

Boyd Edwards

Board Member

Is an award-winning teacher and a theorist in nonlinear dynamics, fluid physics, and statistical physics at Utah State University. Along with his popular magnet sphere and physics demos YouTube channels, Dr. Edwards is an expert in magnet sphere interactions and in the educational utility of high powered magnets, with eight published academic articles on these subjects.

Joe Simunic

Board Member

Even before Joe moved to California from Australia to become a software engineer for Google, Joe was one of the leading magnet sphere YouTubers. His videos have netted over 300 Million views. Aside from being one of the core influencers that guided the magnet sphere community in its early stages, Joe has interests in software construction, programming and web development.

Shihan Qu


Founder of now defunct Zen Magnets and Curator of the Zen Magnets Gallery. Although the Zen Magnets Company no longer sells high powered magnet spheres, Shihan has gained an appreciation for the ongoing passion of the high powered magnet sphere community. Comes from a background of Mechanical Engineering, and has a strong interest in both safety and personal liberty. 

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