The Magnet Safety Organization a 501c(3) nonprofit, which exists to promote the safe usage of high powered magnets among consumers and educators, through research, regulatory monitoring, public outreach, and content creation.


6/29/2025 ... equal to about $250 USD per set each of the 213 magnet sets sold on GrabOne.co.nz. In comparison, America's Groupon platform sold over 10,000 sets in just one of many listings...

5/30/2023 ... with great disappointment that we must now inform the public of the unexpected resurrection of this dubious online retailer. In an shocking twist, the overseas importer has restarted sales within a week of their stop sale, in defiance of the recent...

4/28/2023 ... in partnership with the Hobby Manufacturers Association and the National Retail Hobby Stores Association, is gearing up for a fight against the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) over the recent approval of a "magnet safety standard" that...

Donations: Not yet! A donation would be greatly appreciated! But please hold. Though MagnetSafety.org is an IRS certified 501c(3) nonprofit, there are a few more paperwork adjustments we'd like to make before accepting donations.Β 

Front and Center

They said a magnet ban for adults was the only way to reduce injuries. So how effective has the CPSC been at reducing hazardous listings with their new law? 601 New Listings YoY.

High powered magnets have been used both in and out of the classroom to teach principles of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.Β  They have also inspired ground-breaking research.

We oppose CPSC-2021-0037, and favor ASTM-F3458-21 which requires Child Resistant Packaging and vigorous warnings. Safe use of high powered magnets starts with permitting responsible use.

Keeping tabs on: Injury statistics, usage value, consistency of CPSC enforcement. Including NEISS Ingestion Injury Data, Index of known SREM sellers and content creators.

Have a few minutes? Here's what you can do to prevent the upcoming recreational magnet set prohibition for adults.Β 

Informed magnet use is safe magnet use. Do your part in preventing magnet ingestions by children.